PEB Day Of Dedication 2018

The Professional Engineers Board (PEB)’s Day of Dedication 2018 was held at the Pan Pacific Singapore on 17 November where over 250 PEs pledged to continue their services to society and uphold high standards of professional engineering practice. The Day of Dedication is held to recognise new PEs as well as the contribution of PEs to Singapore built environment and the community.

The theme for this year was “Engineering Excellence for the Future Economy – Passion, Innovation and Collaboration”. Guest-of-Honour, Mr Zaqy Mohamad, Minister of State for National Development and Manpower raised several key points for the engineering community to ponder. The first was the key trends and challenges that would drive the course of our work. These include the need for more resilient and energy efficient infrastructure to tackle climate change, the need for more thoughtful and emphatic design to cater to an ageing population, and the need to embrace and harness new technology and ideas like Building Information Modelling (BIM), Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) and Data Analytics.

The second point was that engineering was essentially a professional service to society. Engineers’ work revolves around finding smart solutions to pressing problems. It has a direct and lasting impact on people’s lives. Mr Zaqy Mohamad commended the engineers who have played an instrumental role in Singapore’s nation building journey.

Mr Zaqy Mohamad also raised the need for engineers to have an innovative mindset, and turn disruptive technology into opportunities. For instance, disruptive technologies like automation and robotics; and sustainable building methods and materials such as prefabrication technologies, hold the key to transforming our built environment industry.

In his welcome address, Er. Chua Tong Seng, PEB Board member, speaking on behalf of President PEB, said that one way to future-proof the professional services profession was to focus on continuous upskilling and developing niches through innovative application of engineering knowledge and principles to solve a unique problem or produced outstanding results.

He further added that in order to develop our PEs to be better prepared either for the transformation of the industry through the Industry Transformation Maps (ITM) or to face the uncertain future which also poses many opportunities, PEB would be organising a series of engagement sessions for PEs including the launch of the inaugural PEB Workshop in 2019. Relevant government agencies and experienced PEs would be invited to share their experiences with topics covered including new regulatory requirements, good practices in professional engineering services, local and overseas opportunities such as being a Specialist PE or Registered Foreign PE to work in ASEAN countries and others.

Innovative PE Award
To encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the engineering profession, the PEB will be launching an “Innovative PE Award” next year. The new award aims to recognise PEs who demonstrate innovation while delivering outstanding results, for instance, through the creative use of transformative technologies to solve difficult problems; or, by pioneering new and unique business models in the provision of engineering services. The award will be presented once every two years, alternating with the Distinguished PE Award.  

Welcome New PEs and SPEs
Certificates of registration were presented to 199 new PEs and 51 specialists PEs in six branches of specialised professional engineering, namely, (i) lift and escalator engineering, (ii) crane engineering, (iii) access platform engineering, (iv) pressure vessel engineering, (v) geotechnical engineering, as well as (vi) protective security engineering – a new branch launched in January 2018.

Seven ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineers (ACPEs) were also presented with certificates of registration and 12 Gold Medal Awards were presented to outstanding graduates of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) undergraduate and postgraduate engineering programmes.

Some notable facts and figures. The number of PEs crossed the 4,000 mark. The average age of professional engineers is 39 years old compared to 50 years old previously. The youngest PE is 29 years old. About 21 percent of new PEs are female compared with 16 percent last year. As the President PEB noted, “…we have more registered PEs, the PEs are getting younger and there is more gender balance. And this augurs well for the profession…”

Honouring our Distinguished PEs
Two pioneer PEs, Er. Cham Tao Soon and Er. Tan Gee Paw, were each presented with the Distinguished Professional Engineer Award in recognition of their outstanding achievements in engineering, management, research and development and entrepreneurship, as well as their services to the engineering profession. A highlight of the Day of Dedication Celebrations was a new segment called “In-Conversation with Distinguished PEs’’, where both Er. Cham and Er. Tan shared their experiences and thoughts on the engineering profession.

We would like to thank all who attended the event and participated in the lively discussions. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s Day of Dedication.